Thursday, January 05, 2012


Copyright ...again. It seems that somewhere in Britain a commission is working away to try to make some sense of this issue for the digital age. I was rapped on the virtual knuckles in a chat room for persisting in using Flickr some years ago. I took it that the rapper was in a mood, but why the laws of Santa Clara in Californias should have caused such vigorous response is still lost on me. Since blogging and uploading photos is based on trust, a sort of unwritten social contract of goodwill and optimism in my case and since I hope never to visit Santa Clara or give offense in that neck of the woods, I continue to use the freeware version of Flickr for two simple reasons. I. It's efficient. 2. There is safety in numbers and it's a really big site. After that it's anybody's guess as to how it will survive in the next few years. If it's good enough for the Library of Congress I can't see why I should complain. I don't know if the Blogger system ever sorted out the reasons for which I stopped uploading photos directly here. It was something to do with copyright and I don't have the energy in the face of gale force winds and extremely low light levels to give any more consideration to the matter than I did years ago when the problem first arose. In fact, if the copyright lawyers don't come up with good solutions and in double quick time, they will have only themselves to blame when people stop using the large popular sites and just strike out on their own. Setting up a personal website is still not attractive, given my delight in the camaraderie that Blogger still has. And the copyright in relation to photos has been solved I would even risk uploading a photo directly. I have no way of telling...

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