Thursday, August 10, 2006

Many friends have been offering encouragement on the subject of Kitchen Garden development.

Our garden is a small suburban one, started just twenty years ago. We are fortunate to have several fully mature birch trees and the comforting presence of a very large horse chestnut tree in a garden next door.

Having introduced as many herbs as possible over the years, fruit became a priority, as it can be expensive to buy early in the season. Apple trees are particularly suited to our heavy clay soil, which is deep and full of nutrients.

A friendly poster to this blog, Jen, has enquired about vegetables. Thanks to her lively thoughts on the radish at

I was inspired to sow a full packet of this quick maturing salad vegetable. There are tomatoes in the greenhouse and some lettuce seedlings which are slow to get growing. Courgettes were started late this year, but look like making a good show by the time September arrives. We ate the first dish of new potatoes from a barrel planter a few days ago, but overall vegetables are grown in nibble size portions in our garden.

This is a good month to start Eastern style greens. Inspired by Joy Larcom's great book "The Salad Garden", more seeds are on this week's shopping list.


Jen Harvey said...

Hi Anouilh,

It's definitely one of my dreams to have a garden where I can grow my own fruit and vegetables.

We are moving to Italy in the coming months and it finally looks as though I will be able to make the dream a reality.

The idea of courgettes is very appealing - I find them so versatile as an ingredient, so if I can grow my own then that would be brilliant!

Same with potatoes. I find most supermarket varieties so tasteless so if I can find good potato and of the soil is good then a patch is certainly going to be cultivated.

Of course, as a city dweller, I've never had a garden to tend before, so it may be some years before I can enjoy the fruits of my labours.

Still, I'll keep you posted on my endeavours and may post a few requests for advice now and then as well, I'm sure.

P.S. it goes without saying that radishes will be generously sown as well :)

PhotographeDublin said...

What good news, Jen. Italy is the centre of the Kitchen Garden world, with so many salad plants to try out.

Best of luck with your new venture. It will be great to see photos, once your garden is up and running.