Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Irish Blog Awards Ceremony
was held at The Alexander Hotel in Dublin,
Ireland last night.
It was exciting to see people
who had only been glimpsed as pale shadows
in Cyberspace walking round,
photographing one another
and being interviewed for radio
and podcast output.

Anybody who arrived
at the set opening time, 7 pm,
had a full hour or more to enjoy
the mounting drama
and the awards,
presented by DJ Rick O'Shea
took over an hour to present.
The cheering brought the house down
and energy was restored
from time to time
as raffles were held
and gifts presented.

Tired and emotional
isn't in it today.

Blogging can be
a solitary activity
with hours spent learning the ropes
and trying to make photographs
that will cheer spirits.

It was lovely
to see all the hard work being rewarded.

A special thanks to
Damien Mulley,
who brought us all together.

There was a very moving moment
last evening when Bernie Goldbach
presented his personal award to Damien,
in thanks for creating such a warm atmosphere.

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