Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fim/Digital Debate Rages On?

I have started printing some of my work.

It has to be said.

Film still gives the sharpest, most vivid effects.
Somehow digital images are flat and soft in comparison.

The previous photo was taken using Fujifilm Reala, 100.

The grain is exceptional, the colours sparkling.

It was taken a year ago, just before I got my
Canon Digital Rebel.

The time may have come to buy some more reels.

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DaviMack said...

Different effects, certainly, and film will be used for special purposes (wedding photography) for some time to come. But ... when you can raise the saturation (mine's all the way up), the contrast (2 up from center), and the sharpness (mine's at 7/10), you end up with some darned good shots.

Printing from negatives ... is like printing from RAW, or from a 16 megapixel shot (what you get from film, roughly). But it's oh so close, really.