Saturday, January 02, 2010

Caveat Prodoctor

Here's to a scintillating 2010, if you should chance upon this site and continue to read.

Thank you to the faithful posters who have made
blogging a pleasure at last.

Two years ago I was sitting, bewildered, looking at a new Canon Digital Rebel. Thanks to an army of generous photographers, I'm now wondering if full frame might not be the way forward.

Wolfe Tone


Cathy said...

Terms of Service can make some very interesting reading indeed. If you have some time, I would be very interested in seeing some examples or some links to the sites you have encountered.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I have to admit my interest was generated by a need to protect my photos on sites which claim to be able to change TOU at their whim. It's not what I would recommend as bedtime reading.

I'll link to anything I find on my Twitter account on this page (top RHC). Intellectual property rights look set to become a nightmare because of the explosion of material on the Internet, but there are ways of getting through, mostly by knowing what to avoid.

"" looks like a very valuable project, but already the French branch seems to have run into a legal wall.

Happy New Year and here's to a successful new term.

"" might interest you,